Do what you do best. The rest will come together.

The escape from communist-era Albania was complete. The family of refugees made it through Kosova and Italy, finding themselves in America. In 1991, a son, Agran was born. A glimpse of the new generation they had fought to save was here.

He spent his childhood immersed in the cultures of Hip-Hop and House Music. With cousins supplying the mix-tapes, music became an addiction. Replaying tracks to pick apart the production, instruments, and melodies turned into a new hobby.

A visit to the Bronx, NY provided a glimpse into this undiscovered world. Bryski (Uncle & DJ/Producer) showed him around the first set of Technics 1200’s he’d laid eyes on. This was the missing link Agran had been searching for.

At age 16, he landed his first gig. This led to years of perfecting the DJ/Production craft and a growing list of production credits (Peter Gunz, Jermaine Paul, +). College came around and the one-time engineering student turned into a dropout. The choice proved worthwhile after landing a set at NYC’s famed Webster Hall. This was followed up with opening sets for some of electronic music’s biggest names and a string of original releases.

Agran is Narga

Wanting to retain artistic freedom, Narga founded ZANA Records. Tracks like "Go Ahead” and “Voices” garnered 350k+ streams while remaining independent. Follow-up tracks “In Too Deep” and “Our Flame” are proof of Narga’s versatility. Never one to be placed in a box, there is no telling what is coming next.


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