Do what you do best. The rest will come together.

Connecticut. It's not the first place that comes to mind when you think of electronic music..but it is for me. This is where I have taken myself on a true journey to get to where I currently am. Beginning with DJing and production since 15, the opening of Hestia Records, the countless hours spent in the studio, the gigs, etc. There comes a time where you finally feel you are in the right place in the right time, and thats where I am now.

At 25 years old I look back and appreciate the past years a lot more than I previously did. I was the kid staying home working on music at night and on the weekends while my friends partied it up. Whether I liked it at times or not, it put me where I am now (happily). The latest highlight of my "adult" life is dropping out of college. Why? Because once you realize what you truly want in life, nothing can stop you. No one can stop you. I left my engineering degree behind and took complete control of my future. When you find yourself skipping class to work on something that you truly love, you know it is time to make changes in life.

Through developing my sound, I have experimented with almost every genre. At the end (or the beginning) I realized I couldn't settle with one style. My influences are everywhere so I find myself making everything. I will always happily allow the tracks to explain for me…especially after having gained support from major DJs in the scene. It gave me the confidence to expand and develop the sound even further.

The fact that I am even here and able to work on my passion is a miracle. My family history is extensive and full of treacherous roads that thankfully lead to happiness. My Grandparents were forced to escape Albania with the threat of death in the then communist led Albania. Their travels led them across Europe and eventually to New York. Their story is the most inspirational but gut-wrenching story you'll hear. Although on a much different level, it is what has provided me with the will and the drive to fulfill my dreams as they have fulfilled theirs.

I do not have the urge to "name names" because those who have helped instill strength in me when I needed it most know who they are. Those who I have had the pleasure of Djing with know who they are (both international and local). Those who support my music also know who they are, and that may even be how you found me.

I thank each and every one of you for supporting me, checking out my music, reading about me, or simply scrolling through my pages because you stumbled upon them. I am always working so be sure there will always be new music at some point. Much love and can't wait to spin in a town near you.



When you find yourself skipping class to work on something you truly love, you know it is time to make changes in life.
— Narga