To whom it may concern,

It is my turn. I have spent the last day observing everything around me. I’ve analyzed the reactions of people both inside of this country and out. I have seen examples of extremism and felt it was finally time to collect my thoughts and make use of the voice I was given.

Many (myself included) who were upset about the outcome of this election were quick to place blame on the corruption within our own political system (which is a very real and valid point). However, corruption is not some sort of supreme power that cannot be defeated. There is something much more powerful than it - people. On November 8, it was not just a political system that failed, it was the people. People that hold a deep and hidden anger. People that have failed to overcome their fears and unite with those they view as “different.”  People that bought into Trump’s hate, lies, blatant misguidance, and fear. Fear that America was (somehow) headed in this “wrong direction.” I ask those who did vote for him - which direction was this? The direction of furthering social equality? The direction of innovation, forward thinking, and being in touch with the now? Are these not the exact ideas that make America great?

As an American, I am disgusted and embarrassed knowing our country will be represented by the face of hate, intolerance, and backwards thinking. This is not the America my grandparents risked their lives for and it isn’t the America anyone should come to accept.  My thoughts for the future have quickly shifted from positive planning to questioning exactly how much damage the next four years may bring. Is it possible that this will spark a new wave of hate within this country, especially amongst a young and malleable generation? Well, it wouldn't be the first time in history.

The reality is this campaign was fueled by hate. This is no secret and it is something we’ve seen month after month. As a reminder to the 59,821,874 people who’ve sided with him, you now stand hand-in-hand with some very interesting figures - more specifically Rocky J. Suhayda, David Duke, and many more. (Please don’t tell me you weren’t aware)

To those I’ve already managed to piss off - ask yourself, have you ever used that energy to examine why you feel this way? Have you ever attempted to learn anything about those you oppose? To the Islamophobes - have YOU ever actually read the Quran? Do you realize we Muslims are against the same acts of terrorism you tend to blame our entire religion for? To the racists - were you raised in a household that instilled this hate in you? What was the demographic of your city/town growing up? To those that hate any and everyone trying to get into this country - have you ever tried to understand the struggle of a person leaving everything behind to survive? Were you born in an environment in which you couldn’t provide for your family? To those that oppose LGBT rights - I can’t even begin to comprehend this one. How would you feel if someone was telling you what you could/couldn’t do with your life? How does this impact your daily life in any way? 

The groups mentioned above account for millions and millions of Americans. Do you truly believe they are the real problem with this country? Do you really think a vote against progress would somehow be beneficial? The fact of the matter is that all of these groups are made up of normal people. They work, eat, and sleep the same way that you do. A Muslim, Black, Latino, etc. has more commonalities than differences with the same people that spew hate towards them. 

I do not intend to change anyone’s mind because that change must come from within. I am simply using my platform to highlight what I see as a major issue. This election proves a large portion of this country is a bit farther behind than what many would have liked to believe. We, as a country, have a lot of work to do. We’ve quickly forgotten some of the most important lessons learned in recent history. We are all human. We all live on the same Earth traveling through space. Yet, with as rare of a chance we all have at being here - we somehow find room for all of this negativity. Let’s be serious…If some type of life form attacked Earth - would racists still find the time to hate? Would you still be worried about these imaginary borders? Would you refuse to fight alongside a Muslim? I highly fucking doubt it. We would come together and fight as one. Maybe, just maybe, we should start to act like it. 

Kind regards,