Multiple Updates

It's been some time since I've had a moment to sit down and update everyone with everything thats going on. Basically...a lot has changed and I believe it is more for the positive than anything. 

First; as of Monday, October 20, 2014 I am no longer in control of Hestia Records in any way, shape, or form. I have stepped down as owner and transferred complete control to Bryski. I wasn't planning on making a huge deal out of it but I know I will continue receiving demos/questions since many think I am still a part of it. As corny as it sounds the truth is it comes down to creative differences and I feel it is time to go on my own path and begin my own journey. I've learned an incredible amount and I wish nothing but the best for Hestia along with the talented artists on it's roster. I personally see it as a time to allow myself to grow and begin to work towards the next step. There is always the possibility of a new label down the road..but we'll see ;) 

Second; you haven't heard any new material from me because my studio rebuild is underway! (yess!!!). Weeks ago I went off in there with a sledgehammer and starting breaking everything down (except the gear + walls of course). The old acoustical treatment has been removed along with the built-in desk, etc. I sent Vicoustic plans of the room and we will be reconstructing from the bottom up. I've finally upgraded to Cubase 7.5 from 6, replaced the monitors from the KRK RP6's to Adam Audio A7x's, got rid of my old Focusrite sound-card and it will be replaced with an RME UFX, grabbing Omnisphere soon (finally), and more than likely ditching the iMac (2.8GHz i7) for a new Mac Pro (it will be beast). I will probably impulse buy a few new pieces to make things interesting as well so we'll see. 

Lastly; speaking of not hearing any new latest track "Brainwave" is coming out next week on the 28th! I will put a huge disclaimer here: It is different. I haven't heard it since I sent it for distribution so I honestly feel like I have no clue what I put out.'s okay. I was feeling it in the moment the response will be entertaining :) 

Thanks again for all of the continued support guys! I will update this blog more often and once the studio is complete I will be back with live streams.