Studio Completion

She is finally done! I am so glad to finally be done with the construction phase of the studio. It's now time to put in some serious work on tracks. I put up a few pics of the final product..enjoy :) 



  • Computer: Apple iMac (2.8GHz i7 - 32GB Ram) 
  • Studio Monitors: Adam Audio A7x 
  • Audio Interface: RME Fireface UFX
  • "Hardware" Synth: Access Virus TI2
  • Midi Keyboard: Novation 61SL MK2
  • Power Conditioner: 2x Furman M-8x2
  • DAW: Cubase Pro 8 
  • Room Acoustics: GIK Acoustics
    • 6x 242 Panel
    • 4x Custom Tri-Trap Corner Basstrap
  • Desk: Custom Built
  • VST Plugins:
    • Native Insruments Komplete 8
    • Refx Nexus 2 
    • Reveal Sound Spire
    • Sugar Bytes Effextrix
    • Fab Filter Pro Q2
    • Access Virus TI2 
    • Nicky Romero - Kick
    • Nicky Romero - Kickstart 
    • RME Audio Visualization 
    • Countless sound packs