Time For Change. Life In Color (NY/NJ) Izod Center 6/21/14

I just set up this blog on my website because I finally feel as though I need to air out a few things. You can love it or hate it, but this is my strong opinion. This is the article that many would love to admit but no one wants to write. 

I am 22 years old. After being a DJ/Producer for seven years and label-owner for three, I have to admit that I am very close to my breaking point. I still love the music, but it is the people that are really beginning to push me away from this scene. 

I have gone to countless shows up and down the east coast with family and friends for the past few years. I have been through some crazy situations at festivals and dealt with the few bad apples that are inevitable. This is fine, but it all changed last night. I have never witnessed a scene like I did at Life In Color on June 21, 2014 at the Izod Center. To put it simply, I am disgusted, ashamed, and now question what crowd I have been making music for. 

I am disgusted at what this entire scene has become to the new generation. Producers and DJs alike have worked for years to build something truly spectacular and it seems like it was in it's prime for a brief moment (2012-2013 was incredible). If I were to be completely honest with myself, I am okay with saying I believe I witnessed EDM crash and burn last night. It went down in flames. For once, it isn't the music, but it is the environment and the atmosphere. Your surroundings play a huge role. This is especially true after spendings hours and hours in a studio, then witnessing what these kids do.

The maturity level of that crowd was lower than that of my fourteen-year-old brother. I am ashamed at how it became a struggle for so many fans that were actually there for the music. How can you enjoy yourself seeing underage kids drinking, drugged up, and extremely close to passing out? There were countless people I saw so high they were unable to speak, let alone stand up on their own. Also, the fact that I did not get in a fight last night was a miracle on its own. The amount of people pushing their way up to the front (when there was absolutely no more space) was insane. I've been in crowds much larger without it being as bad as last night. Where is the common sense? I woke up in shock this morning. I went to sleep planning on waking up, selling off my studio and closing the label. I wanted to leave the scene and never look back. How is it possible? How did I manage to go to countless events through the years and witness all of this in one night? One simple answer, the age limit. 

The reason I will not stop working on my passion is because I am refusing to allow one night speak for my overall feeling on the EDM culture, but this was a huge eye opener for me. I am choosing to take a great deal of time off to re-develop where I want to take this and re-consider who I am making music for. If you know someone who went last night, ask them for their honest opinion. This, to me, is a huge sign showing that things need to change...and quick. 18+ is completely out of the question for me now and I look forward to enjoying myself at literally any other 21+ event. 

We need to begin to appreciate what we have and prevent it from its path to self-destruction. I have hope that the new generation will gain the knowledge required to have some common sense and re-analyze the reasoning for going to a show. To anyone who thinks I am blowing this out of proportion, trust me, unless you were there you truly have no idea. As my cousin said, "This wasn't my first rodeo". I have been around this scene for a long time, but never witnessed things on this level. 

Once again, this is my opinion so you can love it or hate it but let's not deny the fact of last night. Thanks for taking the moment to read my rant, feel free to share and help put an end to the bullshit. 

Your's truly,